Explore Air | Looking for ideas [EN]

Salutations! My name is Peter - the founder of Explore Air, along with @HayHay. We have an amazing airport and so much more coming soon - thanks to @Noah for the donation! But today - we need your ideas for liveries, products, planes, etc.

Additionally - we are searching for ro-aviation tech groups or products you suggest. A trailer, budget breakdown and so much more will be released.


Ro-aviation = A community on ROBLOX that has existed since 2010. Known for its very talented developers and Youtubers, it has gotten very large since 2018. Top airlines include Aqua Airways, American Airlines, FlyKutos, LeMonde Airlines, and more. There are airlines, tech groups, alliances, etc.

Airstairs might be a good investment.

Great idea, will definitely look into this.

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