Fake anti viruses attention!

So there is something called Anti exploit systems. Some people pick it up from the toolbox or like discord. IT IS AN VIRUS! It doesn‘t work at all! Its NOT real! It just wants your game to be banned!

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REMOVE THE SCRIPT IF YOU HAVE IT IN YOUR GAME! Many people think its real that is why I made this.

  • I removed it!
  • I did not have one!
  • I need help with removing. (Reply if selected.)

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True, but for example i’m scripting with my team a full anti-cheat, and Maybe we’ll be selling it, this is the anti-cheat we’re making, I’ll send what we’re doing. We’ll add more rather that just this 15 antiexploits.

Also, it has a Discord webhook, still not finished.
Webhook thing:

SO COOL! Keep up the great work! :+1:

Thanks for sharing!!!

This anti-cheat seems really nice, although it does sound a bit weird when you read the parts where it says an avatar part was removed … maybe you can make an icon there instead!

It’s just for us, which we understand, cause some exploits remove parts and replace them, for tp or other stuff!

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