Favorite Roblox > Discord verification

Hey, Cookie Tech!

Recently I’ve run into a variety of Discord > Roblox verification bots and was wondering; what is your favorite one?

Personally I prefer using Bloxlink, it’s super easy to use and has a ton of features.

I’d love to hear your opinion!


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Probably Bloxlink followed by RoVer.


For sure bloxlink, tho the new update is kinda annoying.

- @happyshot10 .

Which new update, is it the verified one?

RoVer defo, I hate bloxlink.

How come? I think Bloxlink is better - except the owner doesn’t like me.

Why dosnt the owner like you?

I’m not sure if he doesn’t like me except I was talking to somebody and disagreeing with them and they got the blocking owner to prove their point. They were right but I still think that was just a way of using somebody big to win a disagreement. Also I presume it’s annoying if somebody bothers you over a dispute.


I’ve had a hard time deciding between Bloxlink and RoVer, I always alternated between the two. Because my Roblox group is small I decided that I had no need for complicated bots such as Bloxlink, I can use that when my group member count grows. For now I use RoVer in my servers because it’s extremely easy to bind group roles to Discord server roles, and that suits my needs.

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