Feedback for cutscene model

Take my cutscene model in my inventory! User: DavidTDC3377

It is called Davids Cutscene model

Hi David, just before I go and rate this mode., can I clarify this is you so I know I have the right person.

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Yes that is me.

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What does this model do exactly?

Question: What’s the use of using the model over coding it yourself?

Coding it yourself is better for learning & it’s more customisable, out of curiosity what are the benefits of using this module?

A: So if a newbie didnt know how to code a system and wanted to make a quick game this module can help with it’s easy setup!

That will make the newbie always stay the newbie if he doesn’t learn how to make it himself?

It will take 10 seconds to write something like this:

local camera = workspace.CurrentCamera --Finds camera
local part = workspace.CameraView -- Name of new camera part

camera.CameraType = Enum.CameraType.Scriptable --Set camera Type

camera.CameraSubject = part --Set Camera Subject
camera.CFrame = part.CFrame --Set camera CFrame to part CFrame

It will take 20 seconds, to get something from toolbox, configure it to how you want it & to get it in the right location.

I mean, it would be much better to make a tutorial let’s say, this would help everyone become more effective coders! :wink:

Are you saying then that my model is bad?

No no, it’s an interesting idea, I’m just seeing how it will benefit people in the future.