First Game You Liked

Greetings Cookie Tech community,

Earlier today a thought crossed my mind and I thought I’d share it with you all and ask you a question aswell.

What game do you first remember playing on Roblox that got you hooked onto the platform?

As in which game first made you come back day after day just to play it.

For me it was Work at a pizza place. Those memories of fighting for the manager chair will forever hold a special place in my heart

I still do check up on the game here and there but a part of me misses the fun I used to have on it.

Anyways, What was the first game that got you hooked into Roblox? Let me know!

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Interesting question! When I first started playing Roblox, I found that Work at a Pizza Place and Natural Disaster Survival were the two games which I played a lot at the time and had me hooked.

I still visit these games (but very rarely) … when I started playing newer games my attention towards these two Roblox classics slightly dropped. But, I still remember the experience of playing these games as it kept me hooked every single time I would play Roblox.

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The first roblox game that I really got into, was my resturaunt.

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Really? That’s one of my favourites, too! Although it was not one of my early games, it was still a game I use to play on my old iPad 2.

I still grind in that game to this day, it’s still really fun to play! But the updates are getting smaller and smaller, things keep changing their much more rapidly as well.

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for me it was either sfoth or thrillville back in 2009

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