Flare script - throws a ‘cannot find’

Hi there! I have been making a flare and when I play-test, the flare does not show it’s particles, could someone help?

local Flare = script.Parent
  local Flare_Particle = Flare.Particle
    Flare.Parent = workspace — ‘drops’ the flare to the ground
    Flare_Particle.Enabled = true

should be:

Flare.Parent = game.Workspace

I don’t think it has to be game.workspace

However .Activated isn’t a valid member of Part.

Also in future please show full output please.

Tags are also --

About the tags; it’s just an iPhone thing…

No, The tool is called Flare, I made this script in the Handle.

Please may we have the full output error!

I can’t go on my PC right now but I will do it tommtiiw

Put it in the tool itself, not the handle. .Activated is a function of a tool.


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