Fly-Bahamas - Hiring

Hi!! @HayHay Owns a group called Fly-Bahamas! Me and him are reviving the group since the holder that bought a sold group, Fly-Bahamas.

Want to work here? Join the group, and say on the group wall if you can talk on it, say “May I please be Trainee?” and we will promote you. Then you can do a flight, check in, and others at the main Airport. Then you can work your way up and be an HR/SHR! Ready to join? Group

Have a nice day!

Ok, a couple of questions about this one.

  1. How are you sure the person who owns/holds the group wont just purge the group or do something else with it

  2. Are you aware selling/buying Roblox groups violates the tOs

  3. How does your group stand out from all the other major groups that are there today

  4. (related to question 3) Why should I join your group and not someone elses

I do not have an answer for those, as I am only an HR. You can ask @HayHay Though. :slight_smile:

Yes, I understand that it is against the TOS, but I never did it. Here is the correct story: I was friends with this other founder, but they abandoned us, and sold it without even asking us. We are a group that actually listens to you, unlike other groups.

We are trying to revive the group, and make it popular again!

Sounds like an okay plan, but this is a major risk, if you do make something out of your group how can you be sure that they don’t do something selfish and steal it. It’s much better making a fresh group, nevertheless, good luck.

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we can download the games, etc

Do you already have airports ? If not I would be happy to give you one !

We have around 5 currently. Can you send me some pictures?

All right! Here is somme photos :

And a bit more (By the way the plane goes with the airport)

we already have a princess juliana, but id be glad to see the planes! join here: Princess Juliana International Airport - Roblox

The first one is an A330 it is entirely scriptes but it doesn’t have an interior (It only has a cockpit)

are these free models?

No I can assure you! I already searched it on the catalogue!

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join this: Princess Juliana International Airport - Roblox

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Joined the game as KOKOLOLO263000

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