Flying and sitting with cuffs doesn't work in R6

  • Your error or problem is clear.
    When my game was in R15 It worked perfectly i switched to R6 and when i hold somebody with my cuffs i cant move. When my co-owner grabs me he can walk with me smoothly.
    The moment when i sit was when i tried to fly with fly2

Here is video of it

Yeh, these are most likely not going to work with sitting and flying.

It may be that the admin you use messes with something, but the cuffs aren’t broken, they’re just not working with system you seem to be using here, but at the end of the day I don’t see much point of sitting/flying with somebody with cuffs.

In addition, roblox will most likely sunset R6 shortly, so instead of re-coding it, I’d just go with R15.

It doesnt work even if i dont fly sit.

Please read this post ^^^^

Then show me a video of this in action.

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