Free ranking with heroku is soon over (urgent)

Hello users of the cookie tech forums,

Today at 18:17 BST all users with email subscriptions for Heroku were sent an email that will effect A LOT of systems.


Dear Customer,

Thank you for being a Heroku user. Starting November 28, 2022, free Heroku Dynos, free Heroku Postgres, and free Heroku Data for Redis® will no longer be available. You can learn more about these and other important changes from our GM, Bob Wise, on the Heroku blog.

Existing free dynos and Heroku data add-ons will be impacted, so action by you is required. To prevent any disruption to your apps or data using free plans, you will need to upgrade from a free plan to a paid plan before November 28, 2022.

For instructions on how to upgrade and for other questions, please visit our FAQ.

Thank you,

The Heroku Team

What should I do now?

Currently I’m thinking of an alternative, of course rankgun is still out there, so it may be something I will need to make non-discord forced.

I would reccommend disabling any free heroku projects you have running, if your willing to pay for dynos, go ahead, it will still work perfectly.

Starting November 28, 2022 all , free Heroku Dynos, free Heroku Postgres, and free Heroku Data for Redis® will no longer be available.

This is something that’s unexpected as it’s extremely expensive to provide so many free things, this does suck and I will be adding a post to the youtube video so everybody is aware this may not work.

This kind of sucks, but it’s expected, let me know if you have any questions!


I’ve already closed my account, if this post wasn’t a thing, i would be dead by my mom

Yeh, if you have a verified card you should be careful for getting charged, I’m not sure if they’ll go ahead and charge people but I’m not sure, this topic will be bumped in apprx 3 months so everybody is aware.

This is a problem, my discord bot is hosted here…

We’ve sent out/edited posts which may be affected by this change, if your post was changed incorrectly, contact @moderators.

No way. I was using Heroku very much. I am sad. :sob:

I can see why it happened. it must be expensive for all the free services.

@Noah I have an idea. I very much like your video’s and want to help! Check that’s also a ranking center, but easier! Just follow #TwinPlays youtube channel about it or in the following days #RoScripter will give a tutorial for it. It’s great and easy, and it worked fast for me in my ranking center. I hope you find this helpful. In youtube there is a RoUtilities setup tutorial. That might help. Thanks!


i disagree, wayyyy too many ads. not recommended

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Yeah, but an issue with RoUtilities … I recently requested my account deleted for RoUtilities temporarily for privacy reasons.

However, the staff team doesn’t respond and they’re just having conversation in the support server.

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Also RankGun may be coming with a panel soon, so it could be a better alternative.


Its not bad but there is way better out there such as rank gun, qbot etc

Modmail bots using HEROKU to host will also be gone until everyone finds a host or something.

Everything that was hosted for free is soon going to go!

That automatic bump was posted to make sure everybody is aware of the change again.

Today is the day. It’s all gone.

Pretty tragic, shame it had to go like that could happen to platforms like replit in the future.

Replit is just a public IDE. It took my Modmail hosted on Heroku 4 days to go offline and stop responding. :skull:

Owch overload I suppose.