"Funky Friday" Drama

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You may know the game on Roblox called Funky Friday . This game is based off of a game called Friday Night Funkin or FNF for short.

Back in January of 2021 the developers of Funky Friday and FNF were talking on twitter when the developers of the original game (FNF) said that they could create a Roblox game based on the original game.

Fast forward to this last few days and the game funky Friday has partnered with Sega. The company that owns the famous character, Sonic. To release an update to their game. Adding Sonic Prime. Sonic prime is a new show which is set to air 2022-12-15T05:00:00Z. So in Hype of this new show other games including Funky Friday have partnered with Sega officials to add sonic prime to their game. The one we’re focusing on though, is funky Friday.


Like we said. There was no problems between the two development studios when Funky Friday was being developed and released. As a matter of fact the developers of FNF played these games & tried them out. However whenever Funky Friday would add something based off of FNF they would always seek permission from the original developers, however this time they didn’t seek permission.

Now, you may ask yourself, why is that such a big deal? Sonic has nothing to do with FNF or Funky Friday in general.
However, This is a big deal to the developers because Sega is an official company which is partnering & endorsing an unlicensed fan made game without any real consultation from the original FNF developers. Who weren’t too happy with this:


In response to this PhantomArcade. replies "Uh. Lol? to which he receives a reply

Now this is where it all starts to get crazy and a bit hard to understand.

Ninja Muffin (One of the lead developers for FNF) starts to tweet stuff out:

So from these screenshots above we can see even though Ninja Muffin is getting the FNF lawyers involved they aren’t saying that they’re pushing a lawsuit.

I personally see it as a very confusing drama as Ninja Muffin posts satire Tweets all the time and the way he words his tweets are often satire so It’s hard to tell when he’s being serious. However this time it looks like he’s looking to do something about it

What do you guys think about this situation? Is FNF in a morally right place to be going after Funky Friday since they’re “Misrepresenting” Their brand? Or is Funky Friday in the right because they essentially had permission to begin with to go ahead with the game? Let me know.

Thanks for reading!

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This is a hard scenario to think about, there may be a legal term this is based of but I can’t be certain, also as ninja-muffin words his tweets it’s really really hard to see if this is really or not, so it’s quite hard to tell.

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This is interesting,

Based on those Tweets, I’m not actually so sure if these developers were being “serious” about a lawsuit, the way they put “lol” when they mention suing the developers of Funky Friday.

Not great if you always communicate like this.