FusionXGold // Modern Admin Panel


:rocket: Sneak Peek: Fusion X Gold – The Future of Roblox Admin Panels!

Hey Roblox Developers! :star2:

We’re excited to share a first look at Fusion X Gold, our upcoming admin panel that’s set to redefine your game management experience. Currently in development, Fusion X Gold promises a powerful and intuitive toolset designed to give you full control over your Roblox games.

:star2: Features in Development

  • Kick, Ban, Mute: Seamlessly manage player behavior to keep your community safe and fun.
  • Speed & Fling: Add new dimensions to player interactions with speed and fling commands.
  • Sleek UI: Enjoy a modern and intuitive interface that’s visually stunning and easy to navigate.
  • Customization: Extensive options to personalize the admin panel to fit your game’s style and needs.
  • Robust Security: Advanced security features to ensure only authorized users can access the admin panel.
  • Real-time Updates: Our goal is to provide regular updates with the latest features and improvements.

Stay tuned for more updates and get ready for a feature-packed experience with Fusion X Gold! :rocket:

Best regards,
The Fusion X Gold Team



Nothing here is final!

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This is quite good, can’t wait to see the future of it! Also, what inspired the name? I’m just curious :smiley:.

Friends admin panel he passed it down to me and I’ve been working on it! It also has random quotes. If you have any ideas feel free to type them here as I need some ideas!

Nice! Good luck with the future if this project, and be sure to keep us updated with it!

Will do! Fusion was his projects name and this is meant to be better then it at first it was going to be paid but I decided against it!

If you’re looking for quotes, perhaps use a generator or some sort of AI?

I’ve already got some I just need ideas on what to add to the panel.

This might be one of the best systems I’ve seen on the forums because of the UI, can’t wait to see the final product! :),

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Thank you so much! Quick question can I post discord links?

Although I’m not a moderator and just have limited permissions, I’ve never seen anyone get flagged for it. You should be alright.

Alright, also any suggestions for the panel I don’t know what to add currently!

Here are some suggestions:

  • Bans using the new ban API
  • Hint and Message Actions
  • Give command [Btools, sword, or items in ServerStorage]
  • Server Shutdown

Thanks, i’ll be working on these!

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Looks incredible! I would definitely get this.

Thanks! Hoping to finish it by next week!

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Question for people viewing this, The script has a obfuscated part in it that prevents people from not signing our license and if they remove it it deletes it, are you guys fine with that? I can make a opensource github page for you guys to view!

From what I’ve seen, obfuscated scripts are deleted within the first few weeks by Roblox.

It’s not the full script just a part that makes sure people have to sign the tos.

Might release sooner not currently sure!

I mean, yes you can use obfuscated scripts but at your own risk. And, obfuscated scripts are known to be looked down upon within the community.