Future of Roblox Avatars

Hey everyone!

Over the past year in 2021 as well as 2022, we’ve been seeing massive changes to avatars on Roblox!

First, we had the beta release of dynamic avatar faces, then we got voice chat, which will soon have some relationship with dynamic faces, and now we have layered clothing on the way!

I’m excited to see what the future has in store for avatars, let me know what you think may happen below!


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Watch them just remove blocky avatars and replace everything with Rthro, that will mess everyone up.

Well … not everything, since accounts such as “david.baszucki” use Rthro rigs, but for sure, rigs such as R6 will probably be gone forever soon enough.

I expected layered clothing worst, but it’s not that bad. I saw many jackets and they actually fit!

Yep, Roblox is contantly releasing new layered clothing.

And it’s good. I’m gonna buy a layered suit soon

They have also allowed the UGC creators to release layered clothing on the platform. I enjoy what’s coming to the future of Roblox.

Oh wait UGC creators can make layered clothing now?? Wow, I didn’t know!

Yeah, I’ve been seeing a few of them here and there lately.

Yep, many people starting to use it