Game Ideas | Please give

Hello Cookie Tech.

So, I am aware there are many posts on these, but I am in urgent need for some game ideas as my passion for development is slowly dying and I’m a couple of weeks off before quitting Roblox. So I figured if I try some new stuff, I could get interested and continue that project resulting in me not quitting.

So, what should I make? I am a low-poly developer within Roblox, but I am extending within my field of development, so you can suggest Low-Poly crossed with High-Poly (One of my current projects), a Low-Poly game, or a High-Poly game.

Thanks! I look forward to hearing back from you all!

Hey, Oreo!

Its sad, that you are coming to the point where your not feeling the community anymore, I would maybe recommend making something like a Cafe or even a Karting Place.

Thanks for the ideas.
I started a Karting place a while back but stopped that project as I knew I wasn’t going to get the funding to start it up and become big with it.
I could always try a café, but design would it be in?

Don’t know, maybe low-poly outside but high-poly inside? Also yeah the Karting Place was a build off challenge between me and you.

This was a challenge between us indeed, I’m open for some more challenges if you would like Kieran.

Back on topic, I could that that, so thanks for the suggestion!