Game Page GFX banner

I’m looking for someone that can make a Game Page Screenshot that looks something like the following:

I don’t know what price I’ll pay for it but it will be at least 150 Robux at the most it will be 1,700 Robux.
Please DM me @B00PUP on the Cookie Tech Forums with some past work.

Thanks, @B00PUP

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For a GFX like this it will be 100%, R$1000+ or more.

Also will the logo have to be designed?

Yeah, I was going to do 1000 Anyway.
Also, You don’t need to make a Logo, I will give you the one we use rn.

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Alright, you would also probably need the background, so that the person that makes the GFX has a background.

In order to get a background like that, you will be needing the RBLX file to the game in-order to get a perfect render where everything lines up inside of it.

Mhm, normally the GFX artist shouldn’t make it, so the GFX has the same background as the place, making look more personal.

@Cookie @Deleted_User12 Yeah, I would give you a copy with the Scripts would removed.

What do you mean by “Scripts”?

Sorry, I missed a word lol

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Or you could simply export as obj.

True, I don’t think any Textures would Copy over tho I’ve had that problem in the past.

This normally works for me, I can give it a quick test on a dummy place.

I’ll try it on a Smaller map rn

Studio just Crashed-
I would wait for our new hotel to be done until I would have you start.

It’s about done and it’s being modeled.

So, this is not a screenshot, it’s a GFX banner. This is a very detailed one here, if you want to hire someone to make a GFX this advanced, it’s guaranteed they’ll charge up to 2000 Robux (or ~$25 CAD / ~$25 USD).

I recommend you to save up some more Robux if you want to hire somebody to make a GFX this advanced, unless you’re really lucky and someone would accept the low pay.

Currently, I’m not that professional at these types of designs yet, so I cannot apply for this.

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