GameFam Studios Drama

It all starts with this one tweet.

Keep in mind this is not the only developer that has come out with this so please don’t send any hate to users mentioned in this post.

Also don’t harass gamefam staff/team.

It starts out like this

(These are the people that did the sega and sonic collab)

That payment is incredibly low for the industry standard, the fight opposing this is that Gamefam has to deal with the underpay from Roblox.

The worst thing is countless other developers have complained about very similar issues out on twitter.

This is painful, I understand this person, burnout is inevitable if you work like this. But this is terrible that they were cut without any notice, especially since they were underpaid. The worst part is they didn’t even respond about the change.

Human resources are important, having them ghost you is a big no no - that’s a massive negative for Gamefam.

That’s easy to put into words - it’s simply corrupt & evil. Nobody in their right mind should do that.

Guess who came to respond, Gamefam:

They did respond but it was a really piety statement.

I’ll let you read it for yourself.

If you’re not feeling it in short terms, they didn’t answer or even talk about what the developers are saying about that they have done.

They haven’t even fixed it, this is going to be a massive loss for GameFam, so good luck to them.


This is seriously not a good look - and I thought Roblox was bad? I guess companies that Roblox allows people to operate on their site are worse.


I mean their is so much space & room for things to go wrong, one could also fight that the core issue is Roblox not paying GameFam enough so GameFam can’t pay developers enough.


While many people thought this settled in the dust it turns out things were still happening 5+ months later

Earlier today RTC tweeted out:

The aftermath of the recent Gamefam situation is interesting.
Due to a recent settlement, Gamefam Studios has been legally required to send out a letter to all employees of the company telling them that they will not be punished or fired for talking about pay, among other things.
This is coming after Gamefam was convicted for specifically doing those things.

While It’s nice to see justice finally making its move I wonder how/if gamefam will start to change and start to be what it’s advertised as

I don’t feel as if Gamefam is offering a proper apology … sending out a letter doesn’t necessarily guarantee a settlement. On top of that, I don’t believe Gamefam employees were arguing about pay, rather the unjust actions Gamefam has taken against them, such as termination for no reason.

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