Gamepass Bug | How to fix?

Hey. I just tried to create a gamepass in my game but it don’t work. So I just wrote the script(I will send image later) for gamepass buying. Just created ui button on a gamepass UI and if you clicking it you can buy pass. So I wrote script and put it in button. After that just created my pass, copied ID, pasted to script and joined the game to test. It didn’t work! I just clicked and it says:
This item isn’t for sale. Your account will not be charged.

So guys help how to fix it? Gamepass I created is avariable!

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Hey there! So, this error when purchasing a gamepass can come up for a few reasons;

  • Gamepass icon didn’t pass moderation

  • Gamepass is still going through the moderation approval

  • You already own the gamepass, in this case head to the gamepass page, hit the 3 dots, and “Delete from Inventory.” This should allow you to re-purchase your own gamepass.

If you still need any help, don’t hesitate to reply back! Additionally, putting your script here would be useful for us to help you.

Hello there! Welcome to the community. May I see your script please?

I think I see your error. Did you use MarketplaceService:PromptGamePassPurchase and MarketplaceService:UserOwnsGamePassAsync?


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