GameTools V3 || Commands for your game!

Hi there, everyone!
Today, I’d like to introduce a model I’ve been working on for the past week.

GameTools V3 is a command system which can be chatted!

GT currently has three commands:
/afk [reason] - Adds an afk tag, a forcefield and stops you from moving
/unafk - Removes the AFK tag and forcefield and lets you move
/rejoin - Rejoins to the current server with a prompt.

You can get it here


Where is GameTools V1 and V2?

GT V1 was a project that only me and friends could access. It was later discontinued and superseded by GameTools V2.

GT V2 was a public project but now is a discontinued product and cannot be taken.

How is my product?

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About to start using it! So excited, i love the community’s projects! they’re always so cool