Gfx renders for robux

Hello guys! I have been practicing my gfx skills and was thinking of selling them! I will only be doing renders tho which means I will not add any backgrounds only the character. The GFXs will be 500 robux per render. I mostly use blocky rigs but I can do any rig you want. Keep in mind when I send you the file It will be coverd in watermarks, Once you pay then ill send the image without watermarks. Here is some personal renders down below.



game e

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edit: Sorry for the white backgrounds, The site is just messing with em.

Ill make sure your background is transparent and not white when I send it to you.

Generally your GFXs look alright, but I’d be concerned with the lighting and pricing … everything seems too bright (especially the first render)

As for the pricing, I believe 500 Robux is just way overpriced for a start. You’d have to convince users to purchase your product for a lower price & why they shouldn’t turn to other GFX creators such as myself, on top of that I charge well under 200 Robux for my variety of GFX designs so I’m not sure how you plan to attract customers who’re willing to pay 500 Robux for a GFX.

So again, your GFXs are pretty good especially in posing, but it needs work in lighting. As for the pricing you really need to keep it low for a start and gradually increase it over time (e.g. I increase my prices by ~10 Robux every 3-6 months)