Gmail vs Yahoo Mail


You’ve probably used a mailing platform before, probably what is written in this topic’s title. I will tell you a key difference Gmail and Yahoo Mail in this post.

In general, Gmail is the superior platform, because it is arguably more easier to use (I almost wrote “sue” here :laughing:) and more secure than Yahoo Mail. That does not mean that Yahoo is bad though, just that it happens to be much more complex and often users of Yahoo Mail receive tons of scam or threat emails.

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I think google is 100 times better. How to say this. I think yahoo is like, old mails, such as outlook. I mean, it’s okay using it, I don’t, but it’s like too old, gmail is modern and better.

Yeah, I agree with you. Personally I use Gmail as my main inbox, and sometimes I use Outlook. Never really used Yahoo Mail, though …