Google Keynote 2024 - Now Live (Google DJ)

Well, this is one of the funkiest and weirdest Google notes I’ve ever seen, but with GPT4o releasing yesterday google had to make their statement. But omg, this is one of the funniest things I’ve ever watched. Feel free to watch the hilarious live stream down below:

I am only a couple of minutes into this keynote but it seems to be focused on AI generation with music, but it primarily seems to be a comedy show :rofl: .

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So far it’s some guy running around in a bathing suit on stage to dance music screaming “Google”.

Okay, some of the previews have been shown and it’s music-making capability is extremely impressive, what the heck, this is impressive.

I dont want to believe you but I have to it’s so funny :rofl:

Yes, Google is essentially hosting a comedy show here, but the first previews of this stream demonstrating the Google DJ are impressive and especially very scary for somebody who has some understanding of music tech.

I must imagine how scary it is, this tech is Freeeaky. It can’t do much, but it’s seriously impressive. I’m scared to see what it’ll do in the future.

Okay, this may already be a threat to those in the future who are doing music examinations with coursework, this may cause restrictions on what can be done.

There seems to be a lot of humour in this event, lol.

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Okay, looks like the comedian is now off the stage, a grand way to start the event. Unfortunately it seems the intervals are very long, however, the AI filler music is rather entertaining.

Google is now showing a video demonstrating how Google Gemini will allow you to create music, create logos and do more creatively impressive things through Google Gemini.

I’d love to see how this compares to Spotify DJ Future with the DJ. (Only available to Spotify Premium Users.)

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Spotify DJ doesn’t make music though, it only mixes it, right? the google one actually created music.

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The Spotify AI DJ only mixes the music, but it throws in your name with AI DJ Drops & one-liners.

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