Google Spreadsheet to Roblox

Is there any reference or module maybe that can transfer between google sheet to roblox and roblox to google sheet because I want to make like a database in google spreadsheet without having to open browser to add the data.

Just a word of warning, google spreadsheets shouldn’t be used as a database.

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Yes, Google Sheets may not be the most secure place for an entire database.

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Google sheets is an electronic document in which data is arranged in the rows and columns of a grid and can be manipulated and used in calculations.

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In addition to that, it would be ultra slow.

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Nandos chicken on roblox has this, it is to display when sessions are going to happen

I’m pretty sure they’re just using a database with this, or it’s linked to trello.

If you’re looking for a place to store all your information, I suggest using Excel(Paid for) or Trello(This is free, all you need to do is sign up). I use trello to store all information that is important while me board is private.

@roblox_jw is trying to use it as a database, this would have no difference to google sheets.

ahh, I would have to have a look into doing a database in Roblox from a third-party website. I’ll see what I can do and come back.

Once again, using the internal roblox database should be just fine.

Is it good to make database with trello?

Not really.

It’s good to make a database using the internal roblox database.

Trello is just for “viewing” data on the internet.

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Okay, so it’s better just like DataStore or DataStore2 etc right? You know what I mean.

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Nandos Chicken uses trello

Microsoft Excel may be somewhat more efficent than Google Sheets, but if you really don’t want to use Roblox’s built-in datastore service you should consider all the player data somewhere extremely secure, maybe upload it to a cloud service where only you have access to the data.

If you decide to do this, note that you are responsible for any data loss, or stolen data, as Roblox isn’t the service storing the data for you.

Well is just to store how many events that the staffs host everyday, the supervisor just use command /add 1 , and it will add to spreadsheet with this player name added 1 value, if they have 2 before it becomes 3. Well i know we can use built in datastore, but yeah this is just for curiousity.

Yup, it will be best to use a datastore.

That’s for trainings, to save a whole data of a game, it’s better to use Roblox’s self database.

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