Group Customisation // A new era?

:wave: Hey, developers! Almost a month ago, ROBLOX announce that they were adding more customisation to groups, and here it is today!

:question: What do you mean by this?

By this, I mean that ROBLOX has added more feature to engage you and your community. So, let’s take a look at those features!

  • Configure group within the ROBLOX creator dashboard.
  • Add custom roles to members for FREE.
  • Change your groups ‘organisation name’.
  • Post group ‘announcements’ via Guilded.
  • New Permissions.
  • Group and role invites.
  • Much more.

:thinking: As you can see, there are lots of new features that you can now add to your group. For a longer, and more detailed version please check out this post by ROBLOX.

(Some of the following information will be copied and pasted, credits to ROBLOX for some of it)

:iphone:Groups in Creator Hub

:computer: To access groups in Creator Hub, head over to Dashboard , choose a group that you own, and the Collaboration section will appear in the left-hand navigation. If you do not have a group yet, you can create a new one directly within the Dashboard.

:computer: Here, you can configure group membership and roles, along with the group’s profile page.

:mechanic: With the new addition of ‘roles’ many roleplay groups will now be able to assign roles to diffrent departments! (i.e staffing, public relations etc…)

What do you think of this update?
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I hope you found this useful, have a good day!

I’m not sure if they have yet, but if they haven’t it would be cool to see them implementing new APIs that link to your game.

Like, some sort of Ranking API for your games, but I highly doubt it.

Thank the lord, groups themselves should also be free to make… And please raise the cap from 100 to like 10000.

Yes, that feature was needed. However, Legacy Roles are still payed for and the new roles don’t show up on the group.

Partly agree, but we would see a rise in groups that copy others, and troll groups but if they did that it would be nice to see some new moderation with it aswell.

Also, for those who haven’t seen - this is the new announcemnets feature.

You have to create and link a guilded for your group, once done it will remove the shouts feature for any members of your group.

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