Group payouts not working - Worst roblox update ever?

Hello! I have a group with 43 funds and I’m making a new role. i do not have enough robux but i cant payout the group funds to my self?? heres proof:

Oh, this process can take a couple of days to a few months, roblox is very inconsistent with this stuff.

ive had the group since february

No, when did that user join your group?

thats me and i hold the group

The user needs to be in the group for 2 weeks before eligible for payouts.

bro i owned and my username is AndyColePlays why cant i payout to myself??? i had the group since february

the group was bought by me

When did the account you are trying to pay join the group?


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Well, you’re too new to the group to be eligible for a payout.

bro ive had the group since february THAT WAS 6 MONTHS AGO, I CAN PAYOUT. ive payed out before

Nope, roblox is very inconsistent with that stuff.

You can only pay out to developers safely, be weary, roblox might’ve disabled payouts on your group or “giving away” robux.

why would they disable it

Because the feature is only supposed to be for developers, and I take it you’re paying yourself out not because your a developer…

i am developing my game… i need some robux

Yep, there is nothing you can do except wait, this is definitely a terrible roblox update.

it finally worked!! i just had to wait a day

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