Group Rank Uniforms - With meshes

Hello CookieTech!

Recently I have been trying to make an automatic uniform that applies to users who are a certain rank. I have found many useful tutorials for uniforms that are shirts or pants, however I have not found one that will work with meshes. I will attach an image to show what I mean.

The guard uniforms are found in the Roblox Studio toolbox and when you grab it’s a mesh. I am looking to make them into automatic uniforms that apply to the character as the attached image has, and I was hoping anyone has some insight on how to accomplish that. This is a little more complex, but I was also hoping someone knew how to make a “-uniform off” command.


Look at how meshes are added via the UI. Then once you’ve done that explain that process to me and we can turn it into code.

Alright, I will gather some information then meet you back here! Thanks!

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