Group Ranking Bot Heroku To Replit

Hi! As heroku is removing free hosting, how could i move this to for example I would use the new bot however i really like this one. Is there anyway i could make it work on replit? Whenever i try run on replit it simply crashes

There is a new tutorial! Please use the following tut:

I want to keep using the heroku one on another host, i don’t trust that one

It is trusted. It is a registered company.

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Even if you don’t trust this service, you can’t host on or glitch, they’re IDE’S and not for hosting, you can easily host on digitalocean or on AWS lightsail, but I’m afraid there won’t be really any options.

If this is your solution make sure to mark it as soloution.

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Don’t use replit or Glitch.

It’s easy for people to find your project there and take your cookie and possibly demote all of your staff!

This is just advertisement.

No, it’s a tutorial… there’s this thing called watching what the video does to your group then just saying

If it was advertisement you would HAVE to pay to use this, it’s kind enough that this is offered for free.

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