GUI for How to make speech commands for training video

Hi Cookie Tech, (Noah)

I am watching the How to make speech commands for training video and i was wondering, Is it possible to convert it to a GUI text instead of having it using chat (activating it thru like Adonis Admin for the GUI.) Please let me know i this is possible to do. (im not a very good scripter)


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Yes, this is possible.

Okay, do you think you could send me the script or even a video (I always need a tutorial for scripting if I try to script)

I can’t do this, you can learn to script though.

That’s fine, thanks anyways :confused:

Btw I’m a huge fan, keep up they great work :smiley:

Hi Void_Robloxian!
Welcome to the forums. I see noah already replied so I will keep this short. This is possible. But you will need an advanced knowledge of scripting. If you have the money you can hire a scripter. Go take a look at the Porfolio category for more information on hiring.

Okay, tysm for letting me know, have a great day!

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You as well! Let me know if you need anything!

My command is not working, do you know why maybe?

Please provide me the error and I will try my best to solve it.

I found it, is there a way I can get get of me having to do /start_binfo 1 (and 2) and just make it /start_binfo?

Do you want it to be randomized?

Or at least just /start_binfo 1

Or autonomous. (One after the other or a delay)

Like, getting rid of 1 and 2 and I just have to say “/start_binfo”

Thats still vague of what you want this command to do. Please provide me with something to go off of for it to function as intended.

Well like if I say /start_binfo (my command) I don’t have to add 1 and it just does it. Or would this work?

And is there anyway I can make it register in chat

Above this post (I ran out of replies :point_up_2: