Guided server features

Hey everyone!

If you’ve been planning to set up a Guilded server, you may be wondering what features it has. I’ll explain below what special features are included with Guilded servers;

  • All Discord features
  • Forums feature
  • Built-in document feature
  • Bot building feature

Hopefully this helped you decide whether or not to make a Guilded server!


I really hate guilded. It’s literally a 100% copy of Discord. Discord is much better, and in my opinion, guilded is trash.

Guilded is still in development, but for sure, I doubt it would surpass Discord.

Yeah discord is too popular and good, it’s like all people in discord feel a connection with it, I’m sure guilded will fail

If you see it it’s literally a copy. It has the exact same color and same text format, same channel signs (for example, text channel has the same logo, #, for it.), And it’s literally a copy

This can be an alternative for people who can’t access Discord in their country, so I wouldn’t be to harsh as one day, you might need it.

Nah discord will always be in Spain, but idk it annoys me and makes me angry that its literally the same, a copy

It’s not a copy, it’s an alternative for people that can’t access Discord in their country.

Sure but still they copied the color symbols and overall everything…

It doesn’t matter if they copied it or not. At the end of the day it could be better than Discord/is an alternative for people who don’t have access to the actual discord due to it being banned in their country.

And it literally has more features than Discord, so it’s not the same.

Well okay, maybe, but discord for me is unique still

Discord is unique, but guilded has options for people who may not use discord, like @Deleted_User12 said, because it’s restricted in their country.

Also, guilded is owned by roblox, and roblox suggests it over discord in a few subtle hints they dropped.

Sorry to bump this.

Yes, I agree. Guilded may have some more fancy features and is good for newer users, but Discord is still much more popular and Guilded is pretty far down that list currently.