Halloween Activity competition scores - Cookie Tech

Howdy people!

After an epic Halloween activity competition which has been going for around 7.5 days.

We have our scores!

Before I state the scores, thank you to everyone how participated in the event!

I hope you enjoyed the competition, (I know the mods definitely didn’t).

But let’s get right into the scores!

The person who will be winning :1st_place_medal:, the grand prize of R$2000 is @FriX_0z , well done!

The person who will be winning :2nd_place_medal: , is @petruu , Great work!

And finally but not least the person who will be winning :3rd_place_medal: , @OH20_rbLX, Nice job!

(Winner private message me to claim the prize, you have 24hr).

:grey_question: Fun fact, if @petruu didn’t drop out of the competition, they would have won!

Remember, we will be doing events like this in the future, and active people in general will get boosts in these types of competition, (maybe Christmas presents).

well done,

I have a lot of topics to read,

Goodbye and goodnight,

@cookie :cookie:

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Rip Petruu, next time stay in. :C

Advanced score board:

petruu = 410
0H20_rbLX = 320
FriX_0z = 459
cam = 118
Delighted_Snowman = 97
xVoid_xyz = 55
xOreo_Dev = 38
Just25 = 25
Callum-Pikachu = 30
Abokik_TWT = 11
theraket = 10
Sushi_edition = 2
patrozindador = 4
Maxey = 3
ChunkyyLegacy = 2
World_Air = 15
Conor = 6
Exocite = 3


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