HandCuffs problem

First : there is problem with movement… its just little bit lagged
Second : when someone do “Reset Character” the Cuffs removed



I am very glad that you reached out to the forum with this issue! Could you please send us the code for the cuffs?

Make sure to put it in code tags :woman_technologist: so that it looks like: Print("Like this").

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FirstofAll thx for replying
cuffs made by Cookie https://youtu.be/DtbcgJr0uww

Hi, out of interest have you done this on mobile? :phone:

As you can see in video (Up in the topic) I’m using PC so…
do u have discord so i can open live for u to see the problem

No, I don’t do discord support, is this a real person?

Bruh what do u mean
u think Im bot

and how to fix the problem
this is the main reason im here

Please try to take things appropriately, I understand I could have phrased that better.

But I meant is the person you’re dragging around a bot?

It appears in the video he sent that it is a dummy. (NPC)

Later edit in response to @miro12Alb’s later post;

I was wrong, it is a real person :sweat_smile: sorry lol.

@miro12Alb Some people do not like clicking on random links. I understand that you cannot use attachments as a “Basic Member” so I will download and upload the video for cookie.


This link/video has expired.

I have watched the video, the link had expired when I tried.

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Sorry :sweat_smile: … no real player

No it said u can’t upload video size more than 4MB

Sorry but can u make Cuffs or Detain etc…
Like British Army Games, make just 3 things in it

  1. GroupID or RankID or PlayerID or Team name
  2. When player do “Reset Character” he don’t lose the tool
  3. Smooth movement

And u can add animation and UI (its not that important) – its not important atall

The movement is smooth, it must be something on your end, try with a real player. The groupId can be used with a give system checking the rank, then the reset character is a simple variable I believe.

1 the player inside the video is REAL player (maybe its glitch or something idk)
2 if u know how to fix the reset problem pls give me the solution

I don’t know how to fix the reset problem, just try researching, for most problems I don’t know how to solve them - By searching I can fix them.

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