Handles disappear when I go too far, how to prevent?

Hello, so I am currently attempting to create an airport, but when I am too far away from the handles they disappear. Can anyone help me fix this?

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Thats a rendering with roblox you cant do anything about it

But it works in games like this.

Do you have your graphics quality at the maximum?

Yes, I have it at maximum.

what are you using for the light

I’m using a handle, cause I saw that one of the games that I had bought did the same and it actually worked in that game that i’d bought, just not mine.

Works when i’m in studio but not when I test it.

i would use a billboard gui theres no limit on how far they render out You can set how far you want with the Max Distance setting

Alright, i’ll attempt it. Thanks.

I have one problem with that, as I don’t want it to be too big, but if I make it too small it’s extremely hard to see. I want it to look like this:

Also, I’ve tried to just copy and paste this into my game and it just doesn’t work for some reason. And I even tried it in a different place still doesn’t work.

Okay, I can’t seem to reproduce this, I managed to make this work, using handles, with a range of over 10K+ studs.

The graphics level also didn’t seem to affect my viewing experience of the handle.

Can you send us a rbxm of your handle part so we can analyze it ourselves, or even better a place file?

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Change the BillBoard GUI MaxDistance to inf

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