Happy near year from Cookie Tech!

Just a quick celebration, thanks for the epic year!

More to come in 2022 (Maybe a new game)

I will make a more in-depth post soon!


Happy near year Australia!

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Happy new year! Everyone

Happy new year China and Philippines. :star2:

Happy near year Much of Indonesia, Thailand


Myanmar and Cocos Islands

(Website I’m using Which Country Celebrates New Year 2022 First? (timeanddate.com))

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Not long until the fireworks happen in London!

WOOHOOOO! Happy near year!

Near year, lol. Well actually kind of true, not new year for me yet (it’s in 5 hours).

Happy new year @cookie!

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Okay now it’s 2022 in my country, happened while I was asleep 12 hours ago! :fireworks: :canada:

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