Has anyone noticed different graphics on different devices?

Hey everyone!

I wanted to ask everyone a general question … if you play on mobile and PC, have you noticed any differences in terms of graphics? By this, I’m talking about anything from sun rays to water graphics to mesh level-of-details.

Let me explain why I believe that Roblox on mobile and PC have different graphic appearances, even though the graphics level may be the exact same.

For the past few weeks, or possibly months, I’ve been noticing that even though I have my graphics level sin Roblox et to maximum on my iPad Pro, I cannot see features such as advanced shadowing, proper water graphics, as well as sunrays.

However, when I go ahead and play Roblox on PC, or using the Roblox Player application (not the Roblox Windows application), then I realize there are a lot of great features I’ve been missing out on and it’s honestly a bit of a dissapointment.

Now, before you comment that mobile devices are incapable of running these advanced features, which are just a few of common ray tracing features that every device should be able to handle, my iPad Pro is capable of realistic reflections and PBR texturing features, as this was proven by using other applications on my iPad.

I’m confused why the graphics are overall different on PC compared to mobile when it comes to Roblox games … has Roblox even added the capability to see the true maximum graphics level on mobile? Let me know below! :heart:

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Indeed, my iPad is additionally capable of this. I think the roblox mobile app is broken, I have desktop settings strangely.

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It could be that the roblox servers are limiting how much data your client receives as you’re detected a mobile device?

Perhaps … but that shouldn’t really be happening, considering the fact that there is an ongoing rapid increase for Roblox mobile players.

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I have, on my IPad my Images are quite blurry. I would show you but…