Hasty Cafe - Main Handbook


:coffee: Welcome to Hasty Cafe!

:link: Hasty Corporation - Roblox

:blue_book: About Us:

Hasty cafe has been a wonderful cafe since it was founded, 2022, our staff are treated very well, and our customers are treated well by the staff. We want to dedicate our time to giving you the best experience ever.

:star: This new handbook contains all of the essential information that Hasty Cafe customers and staff alike will need to know so your time with us is as pleasant as possible!



:tada: We hope that this new and updated handbook has helped you understand more about how things work at Hasty Cafe, If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything listed in any of these documents, do not hesitate to speak to any of our friendly staff!

:wave: We hope to see you at our games very soon!

:page_facing_up: Approved and Written by Hasty Cafe HRs.
:date: Last Updated 21 August 2022

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