Haz3mn banned from twitter?

Twitter Moderation just banned haz3mn (creator of pls donate), for no apparent reason, people are starting to compare twitter moderation to roblox moderation, this has happened multiple times on most platforms and it’s starting to become a nuisance.

The issue is, once your banned on twitter, if you try creating another account you’re instantly removed from the platform once more.

This is extremely frustrating, especially if this is one of your core methods of communicating with the world.

There is also a core issue on Twitter where they don’t tell you why you were banned.

Do you think twitter moderation is as bad as roblox moderation, only time can really tell…


So, it’s a surprise that Twitter doesn’t even provide a reason for the ban … but we know Roblox has had a complex relatonship with the developer of PLS Donate and similar games due to it being based on Robux transfers, etc.

I can’t really say if Twitter moderation is worse or better than Roblox moderation, as I’ve never used Twitter before.


I think it’s actually interesting that Twitter doesn’t add a reason. It seems as if they are trying to hide reasons so that you can’t argue with them; But since I don’t know why Twitter banned them, it’s really impossible to know how good their moderation is…


That’s a good point, but they should at least give some reference to why you got banned, makes the whole process a lot less stressful, especially for the person themselves.

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