HD Admin Kidnap Commands

Hey I was wondering how to get the kidnap command back on HD admin? Maybe does anyone know the command code or something?

I believe that command has changed to “clown” like “clown (user)

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Oh i think it has been removed

Yep it has been removed

It used to be ;icecream

Maybe it was removed as it was too inapropiate, not sure?

Yes, Originally after it was removed, it said “Command Disabled by HD”. I bet that you could fix this if they have a main module. Why do you want a kidnap command? It was obviously removed for a reason.

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Looking at other post’s on dev forum people are making things that are more inappropriate then this and they get the green flag

Well, I think that HD admin universally disabled the command for a reason, most likely because they were told to by roblox. As I said above, there was obviously a reason, as they would not remove this command randomly.

Not to disagree but i heard somewhere a while ago the owner of the command asked for it to be removed…? But I think it was because at the time the owner wasn’t aware if it was allowed or not.

That could be a reason as well, but where did you hear that?

I believe many youtubers but I may be wrong but I can confirm it was from somewhere decent

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Mhm. Try youtube, but if you really want one, make your own. In “Free Admin” games they use HD admin with custom commands. Just make your own, and make it abide by the ToS.

I included an iframe in the below video. It should show how to make admin commands.

Alright thanks! But does anyone else know the code or something to it? Since it was a really cool feature

My friend still has it in his game. I think he has a modded version of HD.

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Better be careful of moderation.

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Could you possibly ask him for the code for it?

Yeah will be setting it to Head Admin or Owner, Head admin are the 2 roles under co-owner and owner is the owner and the co-owner so should be good

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