Headless Horseman 2022 - Gone then back?

As you may know the Headless Horseman package is particularly well sought not for the arms or the legs or even the torso, but solely for the head.

Headless is a very trendy item and you can only purchase Headless Horseman when it’s on sale, Roblox often puts it on sale just for Halloween & then they’ll take it down again.


However, this year it didn’t seem like Roblox would be re-introducing this item again.

Luckily, it’s gone back on sale, but not for a cheap price it clocks in at around R$31K and it’s never in all of years been cheaper or more expensive.

This item is extremely popular with 780K :star: - However, I don’t see much point of having headless.

What are your opinions on this, should roblox keep it, or remove it?


An item is an item. Headless first got popular over conspiracy theories on youtube and now its just something that’s used as a status. If you have it you’re automatically considered “rich”. Lots of my friends who purchased it said it was not a wise purchase. But at the end of the day its just an item. I’ve had the means of getting this over the past few years i just didn’t feel like it but maybe this year I’ll see what the hype is about (and make the same mistake as others😅)


Agreed, this in raw money would be around $300.


£271.49 is expensive for a head that is invisible. Can’t believe people wanna buy it


It is CHEAP for people that have jobs. 4 days of McDonalds could probably get you headless. Korblox, is like 2 days worth of McDonalds (this is usd)

Would this be from a McDonald’s job or something from the menu?
And if it is from the menu, what item(s) would you get?

He’s talking about working at McDonalds.

That’s a ridiculous statement. I have a job that’s pretty well compensated for my age, but I would 100% not spend it all on Robux, it’s Money-Wise.

In addition to that, minimum wage in the uk is £8.21.

That means you have to work 37 hours, please never ever get a job at McDonalds, there are often better options, even though they pay the same, McDonalds is not a fun place to work.


Not the best example but in canada minimum wage is around $17. So it would take you 20 hours to get a headless i guess. But mcdonalds jobs are part time. Like 12 hours a week so it would take you 2 weeks. (For refrence 10 hours a week+ is a part time job)

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