!HELP Command Help

local Plugin = function(...)
	local Data = {...}

	-- Included Functions and Info --
	local remoteEvent = Data[1][1]
	local remoteFunction = Data[1][2]
	local returnPermissions = Data[1][3]
	local Commands = Data[1][4]
	local Prefix = Data[1][5]
	local actionPrefix = Data[1][6]
	local returnPlayers = Data[1][7]
	local cleanData = Data[1][8]

	-- Plugin Configuration --
	local pluginName = 'help'
	local pluginPrefix = actionPrefix
	local pluginLevel = 0
	local pluginUsage = ""
	local pluginDescription = "Call for an admin's support."

	-- Example Plugin Function --
	local function pluginFunction(Args)
		local Player = Args[1]
		for _, Admin in ipairs(game.Players:GetPlayers()) do
			if returnPermissions(Admin) >= 1 then
				-- Send notification to admins
				remoteEvent:FireClient(Admin, "Notif", "Help Requested", "Click to teleport", Player.Name)

				-- Teleport admin to the player requesting help

	-- Return Everything to the MainModule --
	local descToReturn
	if pluginUsage ~= "" then
		descToReturn = pluginPrefix..pluginName..' '..pluginUsage..'\n'..pluginDescription
		descToReturn = pluginPrefix..pluginName..'\n'..pluginDescription

	return pluginName, pluginFunction, pluginLevel, pluginPrefix, {pluginName, pluginUsage, pluginDescription}

return Plugin

This is my script. If someone says !help, it teleports the admin without actually them clicking on it, and it also gives the notification of “Click to teleport” or something along the lines of that. How could I make it so if they click on it, it teleports to them and makes the notification disappear for all people? Thanks!

Notifications once pressed, automatically clear. You only need to add the function of teleporting which I think is there.

They mean for all clients

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