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I need to know how to make the usernames of the players not appear in the chat when writing a message because I want to make the chat anonymous but I can’t find the way to do it please help! :sob:

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Maybe you can send a message from the server but mark it as anonymous, what is the use case for this?

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I want to make a game like ragdoll engine but to make it different it occurred to me to do it this way: All users have the same avatar so that they cannot identify each one who is who and in the chat what I need help with, I want to do that all written messages are marked as anonymous instead of the player’s tag. I like this idea because I want to make a game where everyone is anonymous and nobody knows who is who and I find it funny because of the situations that can arise in the game, for example you play with a friend but since they are all the same you don’t know who it is your real friend then begins the curiosity to know who your friend really is, I can also give you a mini game so that the players can make social relationships and can socialize and create a bond of trust but you will never know who the person is, of course if the person tells you who it is you will know but if not what you have left is to trust.

If you can help me I would really appreciate it because he tried everything and he did not succeed

I don’t believe you can “intercept chats”, but perhaps you could use a custom gui and then send the message using the textchatservice?

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