Help with ranking bot

i tried to make a rank bot
i got error saying

{"detail":"Not Found"}
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Can we see the URL your sending?

Make sure you hide the Api key.

Your using the wrong endpoint.

Your using /rank it should be /group/rank

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it says error now

Check the heroku logs.

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Your cookie is incorrect, try updating it.

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I made the account first, then took cookie and ranked the account to rank role at last, do i have to copy the cookie after ranking the account?

I made another account with another cookie
And the same thing comes


The player rank did not change either

How are you leaving the page? Are you logging out of the bot or closing the tab for the bot?


I am closing the tab

also wat tab?

The bot account on Roblox tab? I closed it lol

Give us a detailed explanation on how you get the cookie.

Explain it like your teaching a beginner.

So basically I right-click and I click inspect, and I click application and I find RobloxSecurity cookie and I copy it

Is your server in the same continent where you got your roblox cookie?

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