Heroku is now paid, Alternatives?

Hi, so I’m not able to use Heroku because of the payment. And I want the commands IN-GAME. I can’t use rank gun. Any alternatives that work?

Why can’t you use rankgun?

I don’t know how to link everythinggg and its kinda confusing cuz there’s no video LOL

Oh, I see! There is a video on it on my YouTube, although it’s a little outdated you may be able to get the gist, have you tried going through it? If not I’m sure you could ask the rankgun support team for help.

Okay thanks alot. Havea great day!


Hi again lol! Um, I can’t find the second video after you make the bot because the first one is just waiting for the bot to work. Do you think you could link it?

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Just look for the particular videos of what you want to achieve, if you continue to have troubles just contact rankgun support.

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To be honest, I would use RankGun, but overall, I am not a big fan of the name and the website UI. Of course, this is only my personal opinion. RankGun works perfectly fine, but there are several alternatives like BloxCord (BloxCord doesn’t have all the features released yet, but the website is great! Currently, everything is free!), Hyra (Hyra is good if you have money!), and Ranking Service (Same deal – you need money for this, but you get a free one-week trial).

Hi, what do you dislike about the name, in addition to that we do offer a one week free trial and cheaper prices compared to ranking services

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