Heroku - Issue connecting to github Internal server error

When I try to sign in with github on heroku its says “Item could not be retrieved: Internal Server Error”


Hi skep!

I’m not sure if this is an issue with the ranking bot itself. If you’re getting an internal server error while trying to sign in it’s likely an issue on Heroku’s end.

So do I wait it out?

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Did you make sure you entered the right name or followed the tutorial?

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I would wait it out for 24 hours.

On the Heroku Status there is currently an incident report. If you still have issues after the heroku status changes be sure to reach back out to us.

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I have faced this same issue too, I have waited for about 3+ days now, the problem still hasn’t been resolved.

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The status page still says it’s not resolved, it could take a few days or weeks for it to be gone. We just need to wait…


As of 2022-04-24T23:00:00Z heroku has provided no fix.


This is not really a roblox one its a Heroku one

Whenever I try and connect my github so I can make a RankBot it does not work


I dont know if it can be fixed Ive seen others have problems with this.


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I too have also been encountering this error while trying to create my group ranking bot.
I think @Noah should try and make an up to date tutorial on this, or this could be the websites fault.

Not to sure :man_shrugging:

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Websites fault, they’re currently working on a fix.


Hello! Heroku seems to continue experiencing this issue for the past few weeks or so. Are there any efficient hosting services that connect well with Github? If so, please link them.

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You could always try utilizing the CLI if your feeling courageous.

This might help, I’ve reached out to the Heroku Support Team of why it wouldn’t let me integrate GitHub.

Thanks for reaching out to us. As we’ve temporarily revoked all Oauth tokens due to the [ongoing security incident], you won’t be able to use the GitHub integration features on our platform for now - this includes using our CI features like pipelines, review apps, automatic deployments, etc.

I understand that this situation can be frustrating. Please know that the Salesforce Security team is actively working on resolving [the issue] but unfortunately, we do not have an estimated time to resolution at this time.

While you temporarily won’t be able to utilize the GitHub integration features on our platform, you should still be able to manually deploy your Heroku app using the methods described here:

Alternatively, you can refer to one of the add-ons listed in the Continuous Integration and Delivery section of the [Heroku Ecosystem Marketplace] or other third party CI/CD products that offer Heroku support, such as [Circle CI].

You can also use community-maintained integrations such as this [GitHub Action for deploying to Heroku].


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Okay, literally 3 days until the system is about to close the post, but now, we finally have a fix.

Heroku has got a fix and now you may link github to the internal server.

Took them incredibly long, but oh well, I will be sending all users on this thread a notification, I feel it’s kind of needed.

Happy developing & have fun making your own ranking system!

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