Hi, we're Lique - the new definition of luxury

Hi, we’re Lique - the new definition of luxury. Founded by @peter and @HayHay, we’re taking a step in the right direction of redefining the resort experience, with a number of facilities, which include:

  • A waterpark (10+ Slides)
  • A themepark (Easy rides and thrill rides)
  • A pool (Deep end, shallow end and 3 whirpools)

And of course, the resort; located in sunny Lihue, Kauai, our resort features a number of amenities and, all-access to the facilities mention above.

We welcome you to request, suggest or question anything we’ve stated in this post, please don’t hesitate to reply, either I or @HayHay will respond.

Warm Regards,
Lique Resort Roblox

Lique is owned by @peter and @hayhay only, no agreements will be given out in any shape or form, if written contracts include: franchise, ownership or rank agreements, including Lower Ranks and Upper Ranks.

And by resort, we mean it! Ever heard of a resort town? Often 10+ resorts occupy them, however, we’re taking this phrase to the next level. Our resort occupies 99.9% of the town.

Questions? Comments?
Send them in the replies!


Looks interesting!

Is it a case for #collaboration-portfollio though?

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No, we’re simply announcing our presence, we’re responsible posters, don’t worry :wink:


This looks interesting. When it comes out I would work here, I am excited to see how this project comes along.

Thanks, Chris!! We strive to provide users with a real experience, not one prompting you to purchase everything every second.

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