Hiring For A New Game Developer - Build A Game

Hey there! I need a hand of helping of my game named “Build A Game” it’s a game where you build your idea of the game. And message on our social medias, and we pick out what game we develop.

I need a Game Developer that can:

  • Take care of hiring and improvements.

  • Able to have responsibilities with groups and game development.

If you need anymore info or want to apply message me on discord at @andi_J#3202

Group: Build A Game Official Group - Roblox

Profile: https://web.roblox.com/users/642319137/profile

Payment 800-1000 and gave revenue

I need someone that can make a building system with a ranking system two.

What are the payments? Thanks!

Being a developer aint gonna come free? I don’t give out my services for free because of the amount of time it takes to actually make a game. Developers wont give out free services because then people will abuse that from them.

Well. You’re being ripped off. Tell me an example of group you work at that doesn’t pay you.

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Payments about 800-1000.

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We have a week trial, then we see how you do. Then you get paid every month. You also get paid the game revenue.

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What are you on about, I forgot to add the payment

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What are you exactly looking for? It’s always best to specify, as everyone has different fields.

What if you don’t like their development? Keeping it would be making them work for no pay.

We pay you for giving it a try. I need someone that can make a building system. And a ranking system.

Look if you want to complain or apply for 800-1000 game developer ranks. JOIN THE GROUP, I can’t have complaining in one post. I need someone that can make a building system and a ranking system.

So we’re just gonna ignore the fact that the prefix for the URL was “web” and not “www”?

Oh yeah, that explains why he wanted it for free, and didn’t have much to give. And no offense at all, I used to be that way too, a lot of people were, but maybe wait until you’re over the age of 13 atleast.

@Flexf1y I can help build & script!

Shouldn’t even be on this site or discord, since on most socializing sites (including this one and discord), you need to be 13+.

This topic is almost a year old, probably not even worth reaching out at this point …

Please look for active commissions and not ones that were made an entire year ago or more.