Hiring hotel scripter

I need an elevator a bakery gui that you get a tray in you first choose what batter you want in it put it on the tray in put stuff on the tray a customer would want then an ordering system that you put in an order a custom wants to order in it send the order in the kitchen in a check-in system that has premium suit in a penthouse in stander suit payment 350 Robux

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This is like 10k-20k robux or more

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I’d be willing to do the bakery stuff for 1k, just use a free model for the elevator (Luxiar)

Has this rope been filled?

It’s been over 8 months and op has not been online since Jul 23, '23, chances of response are very slim.

I know.

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If the chances are so slim then don’t reply to a dead topic, just send the op a message.