Horseless Headman. - Worst roblox item?

Hey there,

I’ve heard a lot about horseless man, being one of the most heated items on the Roblox, this is due to the reason that tons of people who buy it are just trying to flex their wealth.

I say this as a HH owner and lm very tied in the situation, normally I save my robux but this time I wanted to buy one expensive thing for my avatar & this seems to work, so I got it.

Nobody has directly acted any different to me so that’s great, what are your opinions on this item?

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I’ve got to say, it’s the worst investment within the roblox community. For no head, it’s overpriced.
Yes, people want to buy it because it’s Halloween, it comes out once a year and it’s fit with literally any outfit you have, but it tends to be a waste of robux. It is always nice to treat yourself, but I personally say invest it in a limited, because you can get rid of that when you don’t want it anymore.