Hotel Reception | Feedback

Greeting, Cookie Tech!
So I was in the middle of a commission for a friend of mine and I wanted to get some feedback as I am interested in what you all have to say about this.

  • What is wrong with it?
  • How can I improve it?
  • What needs adding?


I like it, This is my own opinion but I like the new version of CheckMeIn, If you want it you can get it here: Enterprise or Standard. I feel it looks nicer but if you don’t it’s fine.

Can you turn up studio resolution and update the images on the post?

I think that the room is a bit too spacious, maybe trying to size it down will help, also I’m not so keen on the wood floor mixed with the low poly walls.

Also the ceiling is a bit bland, maybe some lighting, shapes or other things will help.

E.g (This is an image from the event centre):

With roof:

Without roof:

So you can see how the little details count, hopefully this helps!

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As cookie mentioned, if you turned up your Roblox Studio graphics we could see the lighting effects better. Personally I believe it could have more stuff in it, such as plants or maybe some pictures hanging on the walls for some better looks.

Okay, sorry to disappoint you but I don’t usually develop at a high graphics and I usually never change it unless I want a really good picture.

I’m nit a big fan of CheckMeIn 4.0, I tried it on this design for the game, and it didn’t fit right. I will always continue to use CheckMeIn 3.1