How are my builds and aesthetic lighting? [NC:ER]

Hey everyone!

For almost half a year now, I have been taking small steps to accomplishing my goal of creating the first ever realistic roleplay game on Roblox with a variety of landscapes, jobs and careers, Northdrift Country: Extreme Roleplay (also known as NC:ER)

Recently, as I learned more in-depth on lighting and it’s affect (thanks to @Noah btw for explaining what affect lighting really has :slight_smile: ), I started to tweak the lighting of my game and it ended up looking so awesome and extremely aesthetic. I would like to show you how good the game looks at dusk and sunrise. If you can provide any feedback, it would be greatly appreciated

The Superior Court of Northdrift County

The general appearance of the sky. There is a day/night system.

A beach on the far west side of Northdrift County, incompleted. THESE TREES ARE PLACEHOLDERS!

One of my most valued builds, the Volt Hospital

A very recent build, made to look exactly like a specific furniture modernized furniture shop in Canada. Name has been modified.

Underwater appearance with sun rays ---- This image has the older lighting with a lower “Threshold” level.

The police station of Northdrift County, incompleted due to build size. ---- This image has the older lighting with a lower “Threshold” level.

Please comment below if you want to suggest something, either related to builds, lighting, etc!


(Ignore the floating parts, I temporarily lifted them in the air to make some adjustments)

Is this even Roblox at this point? Honestly, looks better than what most things are on Roblox now.

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Overall the sunset makes the game feel as if it’s on edge, as anything could happen, it definitely brings that feeling of suspense.

The Builds make it feel as if it’s a city, where the building style is very much similar.

The sky has a nice effect, and the sunrays glistening down make it feel just so much realistic.

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Oh yes, you are going to see lots of changes to Roblox this year. Pretty sure it will look even more realistic then (such as Dynamic Heads Beta). Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

AYO, I would be happy to hire you as a builder. Good job!

Yeh, in RDC 2021 it seems that Roblox’s target was specialising in realistic avatars.

Something tells me Roblox wants to really edit the avatars.

But I don’t think this does the trick for most players…