How can I become a moderator on CookieTech?

Greetings! This post would be made especially for Cookie, but if anyone else has info, I would by happy to take it! How would I apply for mod or admin?

Shoot me a PM if yall got an answer!

maybe PM cookie on the Forum or Discord or ask him on his Youtube Channel Discord. also ping him so he will become a notification about this

Hey there! As of now, there are no moderator applications. Admins were hand-selected upon the creation of this site, thus it’s not possible to apply for an admin position.

@RobloxLover123 — Pinging Cookie isn’t a good idea, especially on all his connections, just for the sake of opening moderator application.

Until there’s a need for more moderators, I doubt there will be any applications opening up anytime soon … it’s been quite a while since applications last opened as well.

Hope this helps! :wave:

oh i thought it would be a good idea to ping him. my bad.

Thank you very much for this info! How do I close this?

For future reference better to contact @moderators. In addition to that, I’ll close this for you!

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