How can I change the Admin name? (BA Admin)

How can I change the Admin name right?

You should be able to customize that in the main module, could you change this to #scripting-support?

I dont have main module


@Noah Where is the Main Module?

Cookie! @Noah help me

@Deleted_User17 Please don’t spam me as I’m not required to help you, also please don’t spam my dms, have you tried researching how to use the main module yet?

I haven’t any main module I using Basic Admin Remde version

Okay, is there any way to get the original?

I love the Remade version

I can’t change it from remade?

Okay, get the main module for the remade version, if it’s not you can use the normal version, then install that into your game:

(1) BAE 2.0 Module - Roblox

I have got it and now?


Okay, now you need to link your main module. Open up your config file and head to approx line 85.


Then you’ll must likely see a number where script.MainModule is, instead do script.MainModule.

If it’s already like this, then don’t change anything - Let me know how you get on.

i have this

it says “approx line 85”, so keep looking.

It’s lower at the bottom, scroll down. It might be the last line.

It’s not I will send photo