How Can Roblox Game Developers Build and Maintain a Strong Community?

Creating a supportive and engaged player base is crucial for the success of any Roblox game. But what are the best strategies for building and maintaining a strong community?

How can game developers foster a positive player experience and increase revenue through in-game purchases and advertisements?

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Having a place like discord or guilded might be essential.

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Interesting question … :thinking:

In recent years, I’ve seen a lot of examples of Roblox developers who have built creative games and end up having a strong player base and community.

Let’s wind back into 2021. This was my most active year on Roblox, and still is, and during this time I’ve seen several developers create and release games. Notable games include TDS, Livetopia, and Roblox Bedwars. After months of observing their development, I watched them grow, and today they make up some of the largest communities on Roblox!

But, as we know it, large communities and popular games are really hard to manage — the player base is growing. You have to deal with scammers and hackers. Players are demanding new content every day. You have to keep the game and community alive through constant updates.

Bigger games = more revenue. I’m aware many developers intend to cash out via DevEx, but this is where the issue lies. Instead of cashing out, why don’t developers simply use the funds and “invest” into their own game for more updates, which means more players, and a healthier & happier community?

So, with that being said, I believe developers should be heading this direction rather than cashing out right away — to invest into the community than in themselves to bring a positive environment & improve on exisiting progress. This is the wiser path for developers on the platform to take in countless ways. And eventually, it will pay off.

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Would it better to build a strong community on the platform or support your community through multiple services?

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